Shawn Willmorth

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Shawn WillmorthHi, I am Shawn Willmorth, Owner of The Hive Tattoo. I knew by the age of 13 that tattooing was what I wanted to do. I started tattooing in 1989 at age 18, in Wenatchee, WA. In 1994 I opened my own shop in Moses Lake, WA under the name "The Hive". I am self taught, and have never served under an apprentice. I have had many opportunities to learn from several other great artist and mentors. I have been tattooed by over 50 artists and learned something from each of them. I am very vestal, and choose not to specialize for fear of boredom. I enjoy all levels of tattooing, but most favor large scale custom work. I also enjoy cover up and repair work. I like the challenge of fixing up an old or poorly done tattoo, then making it great. I am also a firm believer that flow and fit are often times of greater importance than the subject matter. Stop by the shop and let me help you get the perfect tattoo.

A Few Facts about Shawn Willmorth

  • My work has been published dozens of times, and I have been honored to receive more than 20 awards from various tattoo organizations.
  • I love doing custom tattoos but also enjoy flash work (other than armbands).
  • I have taken and will continue to take classes on prevention of disease transmission in tattooing. I am blood born pathogens and first aid certified.